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Lodge Airdrie St. John 166

Letting Policy

A Public Access Statement shall be conspicuously displayed alerting patrons and the public about accessing the premises ? on Notice Boards, Use of Outside Posters, Local Press advertisements and Local shop advertisements. The statement will also be on our own Website:

All applications to use the premises shall be made in writing to the Secretary/ Bar Manager on a prescribed application form which shall be available by contacting the Secretary/ Bar Manager directly or by contacting: 07871298439.

In an effort to open up the wider use of the facilities the scope of the letting policy will allow members, non-members, organisations and Clubs (Public and Private) to apply for a Let. Varying events will be eligible for consideration for - THE GRANTING OF A LET - Births, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirements, Funerals and Weddings as well as longer term letting requests. The letting policy will allow flexibility to change letting times to accommodate increased demands for usage.

The outcome of the Committees decision shall be communicated to the applicant, by the Secretary/ Bar Manager to the applicant(s).

The Secretary / Bar Manager shall make copies of an Application Form available to interested parties on request.

The Committee, on receipt of an application, on a prescribed Application Form, for the use of the Premises or for that of an Outside Bar shall first discuss the application and thereafter make a decision on the success or otherwise of the application. Each application will be subject to appointment and availability and will be on a first come, first serve basis.

A mandatory non-member, non returnable Fee of £60 per let requires be paid at the same time as an application is submitted. Fees for unsuccessful applications will be returned. Let. Fees for long term Lets will be subject to negotiation with the Management Committee.

On accepting an application for an Outside Bar the Management Committee agree to provide the following:

A. A suitable licence.

B. Overall Management Committee person in charge and responsible for:

1. Transport to Venue.

2. Outside Bar Staff appointed in consultation with the Bar Staff Rota.

3. Drawing suitable Stock & Equipment

4. Drawing and signing for Cash Float.

5. Setting Bar up at Venue.

6. Return of Stock and Monies.

7. Return of Transport.

All lets shall be subject to review at subsequent Management Committee Meetings.

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