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Wednesday 31st January 2024
5th Wednesday Club Regular Meeting
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Wednesday 30th August 2023

5th Wednesday Meeting.

On above evening Bro. Robert McCue P.M. represented Lodge Airdrie St John 166 at this 5th Wednesday Meeting. This meeting was hosted by Lodge Dura 1513. Also in attendance were a Deputation from Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward headed by DPGM Bro. Norman Carnegy.

A Deputation from Lodge St. Enoch No.1288 headed by RWM Bro. Albert Loughran were welcomed into Lodge Dura No1513 by RWM Bro. Alan Graham. also in the deputation were the RWM Bro. Jack Alexander (471), RWM Bro. Jim Richardson (114).

Lodge 1288 conferred an Exemplify Exemplification of the F.C. Degree. The Degree was headed by Bro. George Deakin J.D., and his team. Thanks were extended to Bro. John White for assisting as candidate. DPGM Bro. Norman Carnegy proposed a vote of thanks to The Degree team and office bearers. 

Wednesday 29th March 2023

5th Wednesday Meeting.

Host: Lodge St Enoch 1288.


On above evening and also the First "5th Wednesday Meeting" since Lockdown, 

RWM Bro.William McFarlane headed a Very Large and Distinguished Deputation into Lodge St Enoch No.1288.

Lodge 166 were invited along to confer The F.C. Degree. This Ritual was expertly carried out by both Bro. Robert McCormick P.M & Bro. James Ferguson P.M.

The Large attendance of Brethren witnessed a Masonic Treat, an Excellent Start to the 5th Wednesday Meetings. 

RWM Bro.Albert Loughran proposed a hearty vote of thanks to the Degree team Bro.George Gray P.M. suitably replied.

Below: Reigning Masters in attendance.

Reigning Masters in Attendance as Follows:

RWM Bro.James Fowler Lodge St John No.20.

Bro. Jim Richardson Lodge Cambuslang Royal Arch No.114.

RWM Bro. William McFarlane Lodge Airdrie St John No166.

Bro. Gordon Airns Lodge Woodhall St John No.305.

RWM Bro. Alex Henderson Lodge The Gael No.609.

RWM Bro. Fraser MacDonald Lodge Kirkhill No.1230.

RWM Bro. John Bingham Lodge Griffin No.1254.

RWM Bro. Albert Loughran Lodge St Enoch (Host) No.1288 &

RWM Bro. Alan Graham Lodge Dura Allanton No.1513.

Lodge St Enoch are delighted to be hosting the return of the 5th Wednesday Club when, on Wednesday 29th March at the Masonic Temple in Bellshill, Lodge Airdrie St John No. 166 will confer a FC Degree on one of our Candidates.

The meeting tyles at 7.30pm, there will be the usual harmony/hospitality to follow and visitors, as always, are welcome.

The last meeting of the club was in January 2020 (pre lockdown) and, hopefully, the return will prove to be as successful and as popular as it was previously.

It's one more sign that we, as an organisation, are finally returning to a greater degree of normality following the disruption of the last few years and the Brethren of Lodge St Enoch are looking forward to welcoming the members of the various Lodges back into 1288.

5th Wednesday Lodge Meeting's




We are delighted to report that the Fifth Wednesday Club will resume activities in 2023 and the following calendar of events have been agreed. However, Lodge Hamilton No. 233 have made the decision to take a sabbatical for 2023 and hopefully they will resume their rightful membership of the Club in the future. 

The dates below are the remainder of meetings that required to be carried forward following the cessation of masonic activities in March 2020. We look forward to welcoming members back to our meetings and we also extend a warm welcome to all brethren from our Sister Lodges, who may wish to come along and support the Club. Hope to see you there.

29th March 2023 - Hosted By Lodge 1288 - Lodge 166  FC degree.

31st May 2023 – Hosted By Lodge 166 – with Lodge 114 - EA degree

29th November 2023 – Hosted By Lodge 1513 with Lodge 1288 – FC or MM degree

Lodge Cambuslang Royal Arch No.114,

Lodge Airdrie St John No.166,

Lodge Hamilton No.233,

Lodge St.Enoch No.1288

Lodge Dura, Allanton No.1513.

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